State Contest Rules 


1. The deadline for pre-registration is the Friday preceding the contest weekend. Any contestant whose registration is not received by that date will be assessed a late fee of $10.

2. All commercial recording rights are reserved and shall become the property of Hot Springs Greater Learning Foundation and Wyoming Fiddlers Association. By registering for the contest, the contestant waives commercial recording rights.

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2006 State Contest Results 

2006 State Championship 1. Tyler Enders, Casper 2. Robert Nickerson, Casper 3. Kelly Wells, Deaver 4. Dave Brinkman, Laramie

Senior 1. Leonard Zierlein - Burlington 2. Lynn Knapp - Cody 3. Dick Hornbuckle - Glenrock 4. Lloyd Quenby - Rawlins 5. Margie Johnson - Worland

Adult 1. Kathy Kirlin, Casper 2. Jessica Bates, Riverton

Novice 1. Steve Martin - Powell 2. Vickie Roseberry - Mammoth 3. Rachel Mockensturm - Casper

Junior 1. David Hohl - Pinedale 2. Lucinda Harris - Evansville 3. Anika Greenhalgh - Riverton

Jr. Jr. 1. Anastasia Beeson - Casper 2. Chelsia Carey - Gillette 3. Tally Wells - Deaver

Little Tyke 1. Ana Merchant - Casper 2. Macy Shay Bates - Riverton 3. Jenae Pope - Casper

No Holds Barred 1. Kelly Wells - Deaver 2. Vince Fox - Marren, MT 3. Tally Wells - Deaver

Twin Fiddling 1. Dave Brinkman, Laramie and Kelly Wells, Deaver 2. Tally Wells, Deaver and Kelly Wells, Deaver 3. Jack Crowley, Missoula, MT and Tyler Enders, Casper

2007 State Contest Results 

State Championship
  1. Tyler Enders, Casper
  2. Susan Peel, Laramie
  3. Kelly Wells, Deaver
  4. Casey Whiteman, Casper
  5. Dave Brinkman, Laramie
  6. Sarah Ferguson, Laramie
  7. David Hohl, Pinedale

Favorite Accompanist

  • Warrie Means, Laramie   ... more
  • Minutes from Annual Meetings 

    Wyoming Old Time Fiddlers Annual Meeting
    Douglas, WY 8/13/16

    President Billie Donovan called the meeting to order at 2:55 P.M.

    Billie read the Treasurer’s report obtained from Nancy Haynes. The Big Horn National Bank in Thermopolis has on account $684.40 in checking and about $400 in savings. The $195 fee for the 2016 national certification was paid with money donated by the Casper Fiddle Club in February. Billie asked Nancy to also have bank statements sent to her. Nancy indicated she would be willing to continue as Treasurer.

    Old Business

    A decision on replacing and deciding whether to send the Travelling Trophy home with each year’s champ were postponed until the future of the contest was decided. However, the matter was discussed anyway, with it being noted that if the contest was discontinued it would be nice if it could be placed somewhere visible. Suggestions included the State Fair’s Pioneer Museum, and somewhere in Shoshoni. It was also suggested that our decedent roll plaque and the canvas backdrop picture also be placed with the Museum. Darlene Hageman said that the Museum had a lot of visitors annually. It was suggested the trophy be financed with contributions.

    Warrie Means moved to produce the plaque described by Dick Lefevre, bearing a line drawing of “Lazy” Harold Donelson and room for the names of state champions. Dick Enders seconded the motion with an amendment to negotiate placing the trophy and Association memorabilia with the Pioneer Museum.

    The motion passed unanimously.

    New Business

    A discussion of whether to continue the contest followed. Some wondered whether the expense of the contest was justified by the small attendance. Members noted the extremely low numbers of contestants and several also said they would not return, further reducing the anticipated numbers for future contests. Darlene Hageman said expense should not be an issue because she believed the Fair could afford the contest, and also said she believed no participating contestants donated money to any other show or contest in the Fair.

    No one said they were willing to be president.

    The question of whether having the certification for the Grand National Contest was worth the effort of continuing such a small event.

    Dick Enders suggested considering a single day contest. Casey Whiteman also liked the idea of a single day contest. Ana Merchant noted there may be some conflict with next summer’s solar eclipse.

    Kim Merchant suggested a reunion festival, perhaps 5 years in the future in Shoshoni on Memorial Day. He said holding the contest on Memorial Day weekend had been more successful. There was no support for a suggestion to switch to a program of fiddling plus dancing like members experienced at the Montana Fiddle Camp. There was a suggestion to reach out to someone else to hold the contest, perhaps Joan Eiseman, or in Jackson or Gillette.

    Casey Whiteman moved to not have a contest next year, to “suspend it.” Kelly Wells seconded. The motion passed 6:1 with two abstentions.

    Warrie moved, Casey seconded a motion to have Dick Lefevre and Kim Merchant check into having a reunion festival in Shoshoni, Memorial Day 2018 and report and receive Executive Council approval. Motion carried.

    The remaining New Business was also discussed without motion or closure.

    Mailing List: Billie handed out an updated mailing list along with several names for which we need addresses..

    Bylaws. Billie had proposals to update the by laws which she said would only be necessary if the Association is going to endure or continue. Among her proposals were making the Executive Advisory Council into a Board. She also said we should consider a statement disbursing the Association Treasury or other assets upon dissolution of the Association.

    New Officers. Following the decision to suspend the contest and Association for the next year, no election was held. Billie said she was not willing to function in the ordinary duties of President. She also said, however, she and the Council would stay in touch by email and decide the Association’s future.

    Unfinished business

    Whether to retain or dissolve the Association and its treasury. It was suggested and the consensus appeared to suspend and wait to see if there would be a reunion festival.

    Casey Whiteman moved to adjourn. Motion carried 4:12 P.M.

    Submitted by Secretary Pro-tem Dick Lefevre, with corrections by Billie Donovan.

    Wyoming Old Time Fiddle Association
    Annual Meeting Minutes
    August 8, 2015

    President Billie Donovan called the meeting to order. We met following the Saturday afternoon session of the State Fiddle Contest at the Wyoming State Fair in Douglas.  ... more

    2005 State Contest Results 

    State Championship

    1. Jackie Loveless, Riverton 2. Angie Schneider, Casper 3. Kelly Wells, Deaver 4. Dave Brinkman, Laramie

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    District Fiddle News 

    The WOTFA has local District groups that are active. This section will have news, jams, and performances submitted by the districts 2 and 4.

    District 2 (see schedule below) The WOTFA-Dist #2 would like to announe that each year we offer a $500 scholarhip to a Wyoming college bound senior or adult.   ... more

    2004 Wyoming State Contest Results 

    State Championship 1. Jackie Loveless, Riverton 2. Tyler Enders, Casper 3. Angie Schneider, Casper 4. Kelly Wells, Deaver 5. Dave Brinkman, Laramie   ... more

    Contests and Festivals 

    This list is for general information purposes. Dates listed are based on past years. Contact the event director in advance for the most up to date information.


    • Midwinter Bluegrass in Denver. February
    • Arizona Old Time Fiddle. Contests and festivals fall-spring.
    • High Plains in Douglas. April or May. Contact Douglas Chamber of Commerce. EWC-Douglas building.
    • 47th Annual Northwest Regional Fiddle Contest.Saturday and Sunday, April 25th and 26th, 2015 Trent Elementary School 3303 N. North Pines Rd. Spokane Valley Wa. 99206 Contact us to register. Nortwest Regional Contest Ed Miller 509-228-9030

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    Fiddle Links 

    Fiddle Sites

    State Contest Information 

    The 2016 State Contest was August 13-14, 2016 in Douglas, Wyoming at the Wyoming State Fair. Contact WOTFA President Billie Donovan for information. There will not be a contest in 2017.

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